#alesso #closeupforeversummer (at Circuit Makati)

#closeupforeversummer (at Circuit Makati)

Happy 1st birthday to our source of happiness and entertainment hahaha

Sandy’s beef curry, adobo flakes, and stuffed pechay for 2 during earth hour haha (at Wooden Spoon)

Woke up with no furniture haha pano kami kain (at One Burgundy Plaza)

Roasted garlic and shrimp for my alone time tonight haha (at One Burgundy Plaza)

Moving out tomorrow… (at One Burgundy Plaza)

Tried to stretch but ended up sleeping haha. Dis dawg


My forever love (at One Burgundy Plaza)

The cause of either our happiness or our pain. Lol jkjk (at Loading Point)

Best weekend ever! Missing my sisters already, see you soon!!! #dwtl #batch109

#batch109  #dwtl  

Squidward haha

I can always hear my mom saying “eew kumakain ka ng isaw eew!!!!” every time I eat this (at UP Isawan)

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